The Water Garden Fountains

The water from springs and other sources was initially provided to the inhabitants of nearby towns and municipalities by way of water fountains, whose purpose was mainly practical, not artistic. To generate water flow through a fountain until the later part of the 1800’s, and generate a jet of water, required the force of gravity and a water source such as a spring or lake, located higher than the fountain. Fountains spanning history have been developed as monuments, impressing local citizens and visitors alike. Crude in style, the first water fountains did not appear much like modern-day fountains. Designed for drinking water and ceremonial purposes, the 1st fountains were basic carved stone basins. The initial stone basins are suspected to be from around 2000 B.C.. Gravity was the energy source that operated the oldest water fountains. Drinking water was provided by public fountains, long find out this here before fountains became elaborate public monuments, as striking as they are functional. Fountains with elaborate decoration started to show up in Rome in about 6 BC, commonly gods and animals, made with natural stone or copper-base alloy. Water for the community fountains of Rome was delivered to the city via a complicated system of water aqueducts.

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